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The JawBone Logo. It consists of a photo of a German Shepard surrounded by a brown border and the text "JawBone."

Many users of the JAWS screen reading software (Freedom Scientific) would like to benefit from the advantages provided by Dragon NaturallySpeaking (ScanSoft) continuous speech voice recognition software.

JawBone is a specialized interface program that enables the coordinated use of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional (ver. 6.0) and JAWS for Windows (ver. 4.0 and higher). The JawBone interface (middleware) provides the necessary code for interoperability of these two dynamic technologies.

This product includes a lexicon of new commands that make operating the PC by voice--whether to excercise command/control or generate text--easier for the visually impaired or users with learning disabilities. In addition, it includes specific commands for NaturallySpeaking, Microsoft Word, Notepad, WordPad, Outlook and Internet Explorer--along with documentation and support material (print, text to audio, and CD audio/video) to assist the user in developing basic capabilities with this technology.

JawBone Interface Functional Information:

  1. By modifying both underlying programs, JawBone minimizes possible intra-system conflicts that can cause a computer to crash or freeze when attempting to use JAWS for Windows and Dragon NaturallySpeaking simultaneously (basic interoperability).
  2. By automating the General Training, Correction Windows, and other utilities within NaturallySpeaking, and providing immediate auditory feedback as words are spoken to the computer, the vision impaired computer user can gain true independence in utilizing voice recognition to operate the PC and create text based documents.
  3. By creating a library/lexicon of new voice commands the ease-of-use of computers is greatly increased; in addition, programs like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook are made much more accessible and user-friendly with a range of new voice commands.

With these two programs working together, this dynamic interface can provide a computer system that can be used by individuals with varying disabilities. Both programs can be configured to manipulate most text-based applications, which can improve both computing possibilities and user independence.

Minimum Recommended System Requirements:

JawBone Pricing and Support:

JawBone is supported by a nationwide team of technology professionals, (and is available in American, UK and Australian English editions). They can provide products, implementation advice, training and technical support. We strongly encourage users to arrange for professional training whenever possible. Please contact us or consult our list of JawBone distributors for the one nearest you.

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