Assistive Technology

Since 1993 Next Generation Technologies, Inc. has served as a resource for Adaptive Technology (AT) consultation, evaluation, and product sourcing and implementation. Our end-user focused practice continues to explore established and emerging technologies intended to improve PC access and quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

Technology Evaluation
NGT Inc. personnel are trained to conduct AT evaluations and provide appropriate documentation for Vocational/Adaptive professionals.
Technology Lab Consultation
With a growing emphasis on in-house lab development we can provide design and equipment recommendations for organizations developing AT labs and centers.
NGT, Inc. provides workstation evaluations and can assist in the development and implementation of a compliant ergonomics program for businesses and corporations.
Product Sourcing
As a recognized single source vendor NGT can streamline research, sourcing, accounting, human resource, and other personnel intensive labor. This means that we can not only provide integrated solutions that include office furnishings, computer workstations, computer hardware, adaptive peripheral devices, specialty software, etc.-but that we can do so in a way that is efficient for your organization, saving both time and energy.
Implementation Partner
We train on all technologies that we provided; which assures continuity and quality when providing accommodations; we can serve as a General Contractor to coordinate the efforts of other AT professionals and provide an integrated solution with single source billing.
Technical Support
We provide initial and ongoing technical support services for all hardware and software that we provide. We can also provide additional technical support for specialty applications and hardware-enhancing the capabilities of in-house IT resources.
Product Development
NGT Inc. can provide customized scripting for speech recognition applications, Jaws for Windows, Microsoft Word (and related applications), and speech enabling applications.


NGT Inc is able to provide software, hardware, peripheral devices, system configuration, installation, onsite training, and after sales service to our end-users. If you wish to receive additional information, or have specific questions please contact our company:

President - Edward S. Rosenthal: Phone 425-744-1100 ext. 15

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