Windows Speech Recognition

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For over a decade Microsoft has been working on speech input technologies. For over a decade Next Generation Technologies, Inc. has been helping deploy speech input technologies for working professionals across the US and Canada.

With the release of Windows Vista Microsoft has brought to fruition a viable speech engine providing basic speech to text and broad based command and control. Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) is an evolving technology with a bright future.

NGT, Inc. personnel have stayed involved in the evolution of WSR, and will be your implementation partner every step of the way. We have developed a proprietary QuickTrack™ training method and support materials to help individuals and groups learn to use Windows Speech Recognition quickly, effectively and successfully.

We'd welcome the chance to discuss the current and future capabilities of WSR and what it can mean to you.

Contact President Edward S. Rosenthal by e-mail or call 425-744-1100, extension 15, for more information about WSR, our training programs and customized services.

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