The ViVo Mouse: Head Tracking Made Easy

Why choose the ViVo Mouse?

You just point your head and the ViVo Mouse moves the mouse pointer to where you want. No dots, hats, or other attachments to wear. If you use speech, there's a large set of voice commands that add powerful control to what you do with your head. And that's only the beginning!

An exciting new way to operate your computer

The ViVo MouseTM is a state of the art head tracker that works with a standard webcam to provide complete hands-free control of your PC. The ViVo Mouse accurately moves the mouse pointer by following the motions of your head -- or listening to your voice.

A photo of a person using their webcamera for head tracking

Opening the World

With the ViVo Mouse, you can do whatever you want: explore the web, read and write e-mail, create documents, play games, and manage your computer.

With your voice or by moving your head you have full control of the mouse: single click, double click, right click -- even drag and drop.

Based on years of research, including funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), along with frequent evaluation by users and feedback from instructors, the ViVo Mouse can address your needs in many settings.

How it works

This advanced software head tracker works with a simple, off the shelf webcam to automatically find your face. There are no headsets to put on or complicated equipment to adjust. The ViVo Mouse runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Simple to configure

The first time calibration takes all of 10 seconds. For later fine tuning, the convenient, unobtrusive interface for controlling head tracking behavior is easily accessed with the head tracker itself. You have precise control over everything from calibration, mouse speed, dwell time and how the pointer behaves at the edges of the screen to the speed, frame rate and all the other subtle settings for your web cam.

The Vortant Vivo logo

Who uses the ViVo Mouse? Some situations where it could be useful include:

Solid research
The ViVo Mouse is based on years of research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as well as our company's internal research work. It has been scientifically evaluated in our development center, as well as in the homes and offices of our customers.
Continuously updated
As we learn from you, we add features to meet your needs. Our Twitter feed and newsletter keep you posted about the latest enhancements.
Simple to use
Speak or move your head to precisely control the mouse.
Sophisticated software makes it easy to click on tiny objects and complex menus and perform formerly difficult tasks.
Uses a standard webcam – no complicated headsets or other attachments are needed.

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