What is J-Tools?

J-Tools is an exciting product for users of the JAWS for Windows version 11.0 screen-reader. It aims to assist visually impaired people by providing a suite of tools for working within word processing, Email, calendar and Internet-based environments. Plus, you can join in the Social Networking revolution by using Twitter and also dictate text into your computer and have it appear in your document, Email message or form on the Internet!

J-Tools is designed for people working at home, within education or the workplace.

With J-Tools you will be able to:

If Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred or Professional is installed onto the computer hosting J-Tools technology, you are able to compose text quickly and easily by dictating it rather than typing. You will find writing documents and Email messages far easier if you speak to the computer and will save you time each day. We refer to this functionality as J-Tools Dictate. The role of the J-Tools Dictate component of this product is to assist you in the creation of text only. Controlling the computer by voice is not supported.

However, you do not need to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with the J-Tools Dictate functionality in order to benefit from J-Tools. Dictating is just one option of which you can take advantage if you wish. J-Tools consists, predominantly, of a number of fantastic utilities which can be operated using the keyboard.

It is important to say that the J-Tools Dictate functionality is already included within J-Tools version 3.1. You do not need to install a separate J-Tools-related product in order to be able to dictate text into the computer. Simply installing Dragon NaturallySpeaking is enough. The J-Tools functionality is hidden within J-Tools itself and is only made active as and when the Dragon NaturallySpeaking program is made active by launching it. If you do wish to use J-Tools Dictate, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred (together with if necessary a headset/microphone specifically recommended by your J-Tools supplier) should be purchased separately and installed.

You may also want to learn what is new in the latest version of J-Tools.

Ten Good reasons to Use J-Tools

Here are ten good reasons why you may wish to use J-Tools! There are many more however...

  1. The J-Tools selection feature is the only way to precisely select text in an html environment.
  2. Text Notes mean you'll never again not be able to reproduce phone numbers, E-mail addresses, serial numbers, activation codes, and a whole bunch of other stuff.
  3. J-Tools with Twitter clients means you'll never have to memorize those cryptic Twitter user names again.
  4. View HTML messages in Outlook 2007 in the browser with a single keystroke.
  5. Navigate the Outlook 2007 calendar so effectively you'll be the envy of all your friends.
  6. Instantly return to today's date in the Outlook 2007 calendar with a single keystroke.
  7. Place Outlook 2007 appointments in the virtual viewer and examine the details with ease.
  8. Use J-Tools bookmarks to instantly locate text and controls on web pages, no matter how complicated the page.
  9. Use J-Tools Dictate with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred to dictate to your computer in any editing environment.
  10. Export all of your J-Tools settings, such as text notes, Twitter user names, and bookmarks so that you can instantly have them available on another computer.

The Computer

If you do not plan to use J-Tools Dictate functionality, the computer onto which J-Tools should be installed should conform to the following minimum specifications:

If you do plan to use J-Tools Dictate, it is imperative that your computer conforms to the following minimum specifications:

J-Tools currently supports the following computing applications and operating systems:

Additional applications will be supported within future releases of J-Tools. In addition, the range of features contained within J-Tools will certainly increase with the release of each version of the product.

How to Evaluate J-Tools Before Purchasing

Before you purchase J-Tools, you may decide that you would like to evaluate the product using Demonstration Mode. We have provided a number of utilities to help you with this process:

In order to use J-Tools, you will need JAWS for Windows 11.0 build 1430.

Please activate the relevant link below:

The J-Tools evaluation product allows you to start JAWS and J-Tools 15 times after the product has been installed. Once the program has been started within the 15 times limit, it can be fully used without restriction for as long as you like. This gives a fair evaluation time and should give you plenty of opportunity to decide whether you would like to purchase the product.

Please note that, unless you have Dragon NaturallySpeaking already installed on the computer to host J-Tools, it will not be possible to evaluate the J-Tools Dictate functionality.

J-Tools Discussion List and Audio Presentations

To Purchase a J-Tools Authorization Key

To order in North America, please use our online store. Alternatively you can call Pace Arko, T-Ware Product Specialist, 425-744-1100, extension 17. J-Tools retails at 90 dollars US.

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