What is J-Say Pro?

J-Say Pro is an exciting product which addresses the needs of visually impaired people who are unable to use the keyboard, or who want to take advantage of the additional functionality provided by the product.

In addition to allowing the user to dictate text to compose word processed documents or E-Mail messages, J-Say Pro provides the user with complete hands-free control of the computer. Furthermore, the hundreds of commands which exist within the JAWS screen-reading package are represented as voice commands.

J-Say Pro contains a large number of innovative features which cannot be found in any other product. In particular, we have extended the concept of our interactive help system which is part of J-Say Standard and have taken it to a new level which needs to be seen to be believed!

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J-Say Pro allows you to:

Further Information about J-Say Professional

Assuming a level of installation and training is purchased, J-Say Pro can be easily configured to allow a physically disabled and visually impaired person to independently carry out tasks such as dialing telephone numbers, through to using software-based DVD and DAISY talking book players. J-Say Pro can also be customized to perform optimally with applications used in the workplace.

J-Say Pro 8 provides interoperability for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro 10.1 and JAWS for Windows 11.0.1461. Support for legacy versions of both underlying products may be available upon request.

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J-Say Pro 8 Retail Prices:

To find out more about J-Say Pro, please consult the J-Say 8 Documentation or please contact us for more information.

Onsite J-Say Training

Have certified J-Say trainers come to you!

Next Generation Technologies Inc. can send Certified J-Say Pro trainer to your location anywhere in the United States or Canada. Our field trainers provide training not only for J-Say Pro, but for most of the common software applications that one would be likely to want to use both at the workplace and at home.

Training services are provided by speaking with our customers, developing an individual training program with stated objectives, and providing a Proposal based upon our objectives. In addition to the standard training materials provided with J-Say Pro we develop customized training material for each client and can also provide customized installation, configuration, and ongoing technical support services.

For additional information please contact President and CEO, Edward S. Rosenthal, 425-744-1100, extension 15.

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