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Infotech is an audio magazine focusing upon the subject of information technology. It comprises fair, impartial reviews of a wide range of specialist equipment for visually impaired people - ranging from small low-tech items (clocks watches and calculators etc.), through to computer hardware and software.

The reviews are presented in straightforward easy-to-understand language, and the magazine contains interviews with representatives of equipment suppliers and service providers, many of whom are visually impaired. The magazine also contains small tutorials, teaching computing applications using adaptive technology.

It is becoming very clear through correspondence received that Infotech is influencing the equipment visually impaired people are purchasing within the United Kingdom and beyond! We now have hundreds of subscribers worldwide!

Infotech is produced each month, and it is available either on CD-ROM (For editions prior to 2007.) or downloadable through the T&T Consultancy web site. The files can be downloaded to your computer in one zipped archive containing the entire edition. The length of each edition is usually ninety minutes, although some editions have been much longer than this. From 2007 onwards editions are only available as downloads. 2006 and prior editions can be ordered on CD.

Feedback for Infotech

Please e-mail the Infotech production team with comments, suggestions or for advice about submitting articles.

How To Subscribe

To order Infotech in North America, please use our online store. Alternatively, you can contact Pace Arko, our T-Ware product specialist. When subscribing, please specify what editions you are interested in. If you would like to download your editions, you must specify a username and password to access your account. Annual Infotech Subscriptions retail at 70 dollars US.

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