Scan and Read Pro© 7

Now With Full Color Scanning and Talking Word Prediction!

If you find reading difficult, Scan and Read Pro© will make reading easy and enjoyable. Scan & Read Pro© changes printed text into understandable sound. The program helps you in reading and comprehension by highlighting each word as it's read aloud. Scan & Read Pro's© voice can also be turned off if you prefer to focus on the visual input only.

Its easy-to-use graphical interface lets you change the appearance of the page to fit your individual needs, using your strengths to overcome any reading weaknesses. If you have trouble reading text on computer screens, Scan & Read Pro© can change the spacing between words, lines, or even characters so you can see everything clearly. There is no limit to the amount of space you may insert between words. Once you are done reading your document, the original format is easily regained if so desired.

A screenshot of the Scan and Read interface.

Scan & Read Pro© offers some unique and useful features such as supporting up to 12 different languages, advanced settings making customization easy, and support for automatic document feeders available on high-end scanners. Most voice synthesizers will read parts of words producing a somewhat choppy reading due to the fact that when a word is broken or hyphened across multiple lines, it does not produce continuous speech as it reads each word segment separately. Scan & Read Pro© has a special technique for de-hyphenating words so that any speech syntheses will produce smooth vocalization.


The following are the recommended system requirements for Scan & Read Pro©:

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