MagniTalk 14.1 for Dragon Professional 14, ZoomText 10.1, and Windows 10 is here!

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Providing Improved Interoperability between Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional and ZoomText Magnifier/Reader for over 10 years!

The latest MagniTalk product does support Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional versions 12, 13, and the latest ZoomText 10x!

ZoomText for Windows 10 is here!

We understand that many of you have or are planning to migrate to Windows 10. We have some great news for you--ZoomText for Windows 10 is here!

Get ZoomText 10.1 for Windows 10

ZoomText 10.1 for Windows 10 is available to users of ZoomText 10.1 as a free or low-cost upgrade--just $49. If you purchased your ZoomText 10.1 product after June 1, 2015 or have an active subscription to the ZoomText Enhanced Support Plan (ESP), you are eligible for a free upgrade. If you are not eligible for the free upgrade, you can order the $49 upgrade now by e-mailing the Ai Squared sales team or phoning them at (802) 362-3612, option 2.

Some MagniTalk Features

MagniTalk from NGT, Inc provides a voice command and control library for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional providing direct speech access to the ZoomText user interface (UI). 

With a MagniTalk system the user can easily zoom in and out by voice, request text to speech feedback, activate common applications like the document reader or application reader, and more easily manage the PC user experience when working at magnification while taking full advantage of the highly accurate speech to text/voice transcription capabilities of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional product.

Common Commands Include:

When combined with the MagniTalk interface Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional and ZoomText products can be both used and configured separately or in coordination. MagniTalk can improve ease-of-use for many low vision computer users and can provide increased user independence for a broad range of users.

System Requirements and Pricing

MagniTalk pricing includes installation media, instruction manual, and large print documentation. MagniTalk List Price: $289.50 per single user copy plus shipping (and any applicable taxes). Multiuser and site licensing is available.

Contact us for more information.

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