Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11: A Guide to Advanced Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

by Larry V. Allen

Unlock the potential of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 by building custom voice commands! Content also applies to Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 11.

The bookcover of Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

What's New in this Version?

For those familiar with previous versions of this book, this version is updated to reflect Dragon NaturallySpeaking Release 11, Windows 7, and Microsoft Office 2010

About Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

This book is for persons learning and using the scripting functions provided with the Nuance Solution Series NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 products. It progresses from material suitable for a novice with little scripting knowledge to more advanced topics suited for programmers and persons with experience with Word, WordPerfect, or similar scripting languages. It ties together material on Advanced Scripting so that you don't need to spend as much time searching the on-line help.

The primary style is one of tackling a problem and generating a command script step-by-step. Parts of the book contain notes pertaining to details of the scripting language as it pertains to NaturallySpeaking.

Ideal for users developing their own commands, corporate support personnel responsible for command development, and persons providing services to NaturallySpeaking users. While most of the detailed information is in the on-line help for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, this book ties together the concepts and details needed to produce workable voice commands.


Comments from buyers of previous versions of Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking books, upon which this book is based:


I have "Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10." Should I buy this book?
I have "Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9." Should I buy this book?
It depends on your needs. There was not a fundamental change in scripting between Release 8 and Release 11. There is added text on the TTSPlayString and the WaitForWindow command elements. Another added section describes how to save values from one command to another.
I have "Scripting for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7,8 or 9." Should I buy this book?
Compare the Table of Contents when available. If you help others use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, or heavily use it yourself, then upgrading your book is likely worthwhile!
I don't know what a script is and I've never programmed before. Will I be able to understand this material?
Yes, so long as you understand how to construct detailed instructions to complete a task. This book was written for and has been used by many doctors, lawyers, and other professionals.
I have two good hands. It seems that voice commands are only needed for people who cannot use a keyboard. Why should I consider learning to write such commands?
Voice commands can save time -- lots of time -- if you need to do repetitive tasks using your computer. That can be repetitive text, repetitive documents, repetitive look-ups, repetitive spreadsheets, repetitive e-mail, ... Automation is the key.
I am a full-time programmer and wish to voice-automate my program. Will this book assist me?
It include details that are either not available elsewhere or are hidden in various documents. But it will not directly assist in integrating NaturallySpeaking with your program as it does not concentrate on the events and objects used to voice-automate proprietary programs by vendors.

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