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Talking Word Prediction Technology With A Twist

Predictor Pro is a word prediction technology that can assist you with your writing and typing. Here's how it works. As you type, it can "predict" which word you want. The more you use it, the better it works, due to our "Auto Learn" features. Predictor Pro predicts the word by both "frequency of use" and "how recently the word was used", as well as the content of the sentence. Generally, within the first 3 characters, it will have predicted a list of potential words you may wish to use. Once a candidate word list is displayed, you simply select the correct word, press a hotkey and it automatically completes the word or phrase directly in the document you are creating.

To use it, just start typing and it starts predicting. If you don't want to wait to have it learn from what you are currently typing, you can import existing documents and Predictor Pro will learn from what you have already written. That's right, just import an existing document and it will learn from what you have already done.

A screenshot of Predictor Pro suggesting spellings as the user types

Predictor Pro also works great for individuals who find typing physically challenging. Predict Pro technology can easily predict what they want to write and automatically complete their typing for them. Predictor Pro can reduce the number of keystrokes by 75 percent AND everything will be spelled correctly too.

Over 1,100 commonly misspelled words

In addition to having thousands of correctly spelled words, we conducted research to find the most commonly misspelled words. As a result of that research, we have now also included 1,181 commonly misspelled words. The English vocabulary is traditionally full of words with tricky spellings. We have simple rules like I before e except after c , but you often run into other unusual words that don't follow even those rules. Now, our word prediction will catch them for you.

Phonetic word support

Word prediction can now help those who spell things phonetically. For example, fine for the word . Additionally, Predictor Pro allows you to easily add as many words as you need to your library. You can even adjust where they will appear on the word prediction list.

Abridged and unabridged word libraries

You now have the choice of either an Abridged or Unabridged prediction list. Both versions contain about 80,000 words. The unabridged version has most vulgar, obscene and offensive words removed. We have also opened up access to the word library so that if you want more words removed, you can easily do it yourself.

Getting the right word every time

A comprehensive dictionary has been integrated into the Talking Word Processor to support those who use word prediction. While word prediction may read you the word, you may still not know the definition of that word. You can now find out simply by right clicking on the word list and the definition of the highlighted word can be read to you.

A built-in dictionary is only a double click away. You can now find the definition of any word while you are in the Talking Word Processor simply by double clicking the word. We have integrated over 250,000 definitions into the Talking Word Processor, including famous people and places.

Take the word prediction challenge

In order to use word prediction effectively, you should not need to add many words, because most should already be included by default (as with Predictor Pro). Additionally, in order for word prediction to be fully effective, it needs to have complex words as well as simple words. To test word prediction software write paragraphs at the 9th grade level on topics such as history, biology, and government. With other word prediction technologies, notice how many words you will need to add to be truly useful at the 9th grade level compared to the much more comprehensive coverage provided with Talking Predictor Pro.

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