What is J-Say Pro 13?

J-Say Pro provides improved interoperability for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional speech recognition and JAWS For Windows screen reading technology. It provides a "unified user experience" for "hands free, vision free computing."

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Who Uses J-Say Pro?

As the product has evolved the range of people who are benefiting from the technology has increased. From people who simply want to be more efficient and productive utilizing state of the art speech recognition technology to individuals who have complex combinations of needs. There are professionals J-Say-ing daily and computer novices just learning to J-Say.

What are the applications for which J-Say is Optimized?

J-Say Pro provides access to applications which reflect the three most common things which people need to do with computers on a day-to-day basis.

Microsoft Word
Complete access to this application is made possible enabling people, without having to touch the keyboard or look at the screen, to create documents, control text layout, fill in forms and other complex documents, and open/save files, amongst other things. If you need to word process, doing it the J-Say way takes away the need to use either one's hands or one's eyes, do it all controlling the application with your voice and accessing the computer screen with your ears.
Microsoft Outlook
If you need to work with e-mail, then J-Say Pro provides you with a set of tools to enable you to take complete control of anything e-mail related. From creating messages to Email navigation, moving and copying messages to folders, to keeping track of your schedule through the Outlook calendar. Our user interface to Microsoft Outlook provides the user with fast, efficient and effective access and control to all aspects of the application.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
J-Say Pro technology provides intuitive access to all aspects of internet navigation and control. From the finding, launching and browsing of WebPages, to the completion of web forms such as searches and shopping carts, J-Say provides the user with natural language internet access like never before.

J-Say Help

Whatever the supported application one is working in you are never more than a simple voice command away from interactive help. From where you are on the screen, how to interact with a particular control, right through to obtaining a comprehensive list of commands, the J-Say Help system has been designed to be friendly and easily accessible from anywhere.

What Else Can I Expect from J-say Pro?

About the J-Say Pro User Guide

The J-Say 13.0 User Guide comprises three Books. The first Book consists of the "Installation Guide", which gives you step by step detail on how to install your J-Say Pro product. It goes onto describe the voice training enrolment process and how to configure the Windows operating system, associated applications and the J-Say software to perform optimally.

Finally, the "Installation Guide" discusses the hardware and software which should be used to ensure you can get the most from the J-Say Pro interface, all using non-technical language where possible and delivered from the perspective of visually impaired people wishing to install the product.

The second volume consists of a J-Say tutorial or "Learning Module". The tutorial teaches you how to use J-Say with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer, together with describing our help utilities, how you can work with non-supported applications and how you can educate the software to learn how you pronounce words and phrases. Again, the language used is not technical, delivered using step-by-step instructions.

Further Information about J-Say and Subscribing to the J-Say Discussion List

To find out more about J-Say Pro, please consult the J-Say 13.0 Documentation or please contact President and CEO, Edward S. Rosenthal, 425-744-1100, extension 15, for more information.

Additionally an e-mail list has been established to discuss all aspects of the J-Say product line. In particular, it can be used as a vehicle for product suggestions or for gaining assistance from other J-Say users. You may wish to subscribe to the J-Say User Discussion List.

Computer Requirements

It is important that the computer on which J-Say Pro and associated products are to be installed conforms to the following minimum specification.

At the time of writing, we do not recommend JAWS version 16 for using J-Say and Windows8. JAWS version 15 with Windows8 can be used with excellent results. Using JAWS version 16 and Windows7 delivers a high standard.

J-Say Pro Retail Prices

The J-Say Package

A photo of the J-Say package, binder and disks

If J-Say is shipped to you as a physical package, you will receive:

To Order J-Say Digitally

Please use our order form to purchase your digital copy of J-Say. Ordering J-Say in digital form is generally faster but no physical package is sent to you. Note: It is critical when ordering this way, that you include your JAWS serial number in the forms. J-Say authorization is tied your computer's JAWS serial number.

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