SmartNav 4:AT

Complete Computer Control - Assistive Technology

The SmartNav 4:AT package is the total hands-free mouse alternative for people looking for maximum hands-free mouse access. With assistive technology prices exceptionally high and exploitive, the SmartNav 4:AT provides a tool for communication and activities otherwise impossible to achieve.

SmartNav 4:AT

The SmartNav 4 includes improved light filtering and tracking, longer range (up to 6' from the unit), three times the resolution of SmartNav 3, a new aluminum case, improved mounting options (including 1/4-20 thread mounts for standard tripods), detachable USB cable, and much more.

Complete Computer Control

SmartNav comes with everything you need to control your computer using only your head motion.This package is the ideal solution for Assistive Technology applications as it provides everything needed to have complete control of your computer without the need for hands.

Dwell Clicking
You can left click, double click, drag, right click, and more - with our "dwell click bar" software application. Find out more about how, and why, to use it in our
Natural Motion
SmartNav was designed to complement the natural head motion you already perform when looking around. Moving your head less than a quarter inch easily maneuvers the cursor across your entire screen.
Virtual Keyboard
You can type on your computer screen with SmartNav's virtual keyboard program.
Switch Input
You can plug a click switch or a footswitch directly into the back of the SmartNav. With the Y Breakout Cable (included), you can plug in separate click switches for left and right clicking.

What is Included

SmartNav 4 Device
The SmartNav 4 comes fully assembled. It connects to your computer via an included USB cable.
26 Reflective Dots
This clear plastic sheet includes twenty 1/3 inch (7.5 mm) dots and six 1/2" by 1/2" squares. These dots are made from 3m reflective material, with a reusable sticky backing. Since the paper thin dots can stick to anything, you have the option of attaching a one to your glasses, hat, microphone boom or even your forehead.
USB Cable High Grade 6ft
Our high grade USB cables help you get the best performance. USB A to Mini-B connector.
Y Breakout Cable
The SmartNav AT package includes a Y Breakout Cable for connecting multiple switches to your SmartNav device. Two switches connected at the same time results in full mouse emulation.
2 Rings (by request only)
Two free Reflecting Rings for ergonomic keyboard use are available upon request.
Quick Start Guide
A step-by-step introduction with diagrams explaining the setup and use of your SmartNav 4.
Software CD
This CD includes our software and an Adobe Acrobat .PDF version of the manual. Our software presents a multitude of controls for fine tuning your SmartNav experience. For the AT model, it also includes dwell-clicking software and an on-screen virtual keyboard.
Electronic Manual
This document is included on the software CD in PDF format. We have tried to cover most installation situations, review of the software operations, how to set up custom profiles and troubleshooting. Please read it before installing the software.

Cost: $499.99

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