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ME3 Headset

This headset has been specially modified for speech recognition applications. The super-cardioid condenser design offers excellent feedback rejection. This makes it useful in environments from very quiet to very noisy while retaining the highest speech recognition accuracy. The manual describes the headset as having an unbalanced connection and electret microphone element. Theres is a 1/8" sound card connector but, this connector has a locking ring made for the Sennheiser Wireless microphones.

Because of the locking ring on the 1/8' male connector there was not optimal contact in some sound cards or USB pods. eMicrophones makes a modification that removes any issues with a positive connection to the female connector of a soundcard or USB pod. A 6' extension cable is also available as an option in addition to the 5' that ships with the headset. Connect the microphone to the extension cable and the extension cable to your soundcard or USB pod. We only recommend the Andrea USB sound pod for great sound input. The Buddy USB pod and the new VXi Full Duplex USB pods do not work with the Sennheiser Headset.

The unit does not have an earphone so you must use speakers or earbuds for playback. The unit is very lightweight. The microphone headband goes around the back of the head and loops gently over the ears and is designed to be used off the right side of the head only. The headband can be adjusted with a velcro strap and by bending the metal headband frame tighter or looser. The headband is comfortable and keeps the microphone element in the correct position off the corner of one's mouth. You can also bend the frame for best fit.

A photo of the ME3 headset

Product Features and addtional information:

Price: $158.99

MD 431-II

A photo of the MD-431-II

Sennheiser's best dynamic mic. The supercardioid MD 431 II has a custom-tailored frequency response to achieve added transparency. A nearly frequency-independent, polar pattern offers incredibly high gain before feedback and provides uncolored off-axis response. Its new rugged housing has a steel-mesh grille, a shock-suspended capsule, and a hum-bucking coil. It features a noiseless, magnetic reed on/off switch which is recessed in its handle, and internal electronics for refining proximity effect.

A polar graph showing the MD 431-II response at various frequencies.

List Price: $495.000

BW900 Bluetooth Headset

A photo of the BW900 headset

The Sennheiser BW900 cordless Bluetooth headset features proprietary Adaptive Intelligence technology to deliver sound quality that is dramatically superior for both the wearer and the connected party, in addition to an advanced ergonomic design, and hot-swap battery changing.

The Bluetooth wireless standard has fast become universally accepted across multiple product categories, says Bill Whearty, Sennheiser Electronics vice president of sales, With the BW900, Sennheiser brings Bluetooth audio performance to an entirely new level, while maximizing the convenience, comfort, and ease of use inherent to this excitingly useful new technology.

The Sennheiser BW900 is a very lightweight, ultra-compact headset designed for use with Bluetooth-capable mobile phones, office telephone systems, portable computers, personal digital assistants, and the full range of Bluetooth-ready audio-based electronics. Its compact, discreet spiral form and ultra-light microphone boomlet make for an extremely flexible fit with total freedom of movement. Its user-friendly controls make selecting and switching Bluetooth signals, and adjusting talk and listen volume levels effortless.

Sennheiser's Adaptive Intelligence technology automatically adjusts dynamic volume and mic sensitivity to compensate for ambient noise in the user environment. What's more, the BW900 cordless headset is able to learn the users preferred audio settings, remembers them, and applies them to subsequent sessions.

The Sennheiser BW900 thus ensures that both the headset user and the connected party will always enjoy optimum speech clarity, regardless of conditions and without demanding additional user input.

Sennheisers use of Bluetooth technology allows the BW 900 to be connected to several components simultaneously: mobile phones, landline phones, or other telecommunications sources such as PCs and VoIP. Since the BW 900 is compatible with all speech-based Bluetooth devices, users will never need to miss a single call, due to juggling multiple handsets or headsets: The BW 900s simple, user-friendly interface lets the wearer toggle seamlessly between conventional and/or Bluetooth-enabled hosts at the push of a button.

Equally important, Sennheiser designed the BW900 for both long range and long sessions. The headset can maintain clear wireless communications over distances up to 300 feet (100 meters), depending on the host device. And its hot-swap battery capability means the user can change out the battery without dropping the connection, for effectively unlimited, uninterrupted operation.

Price: $329.95

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