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The Buddy StylusMic is perfect for you and your Tablet PC. It is a USB microphone and a stylus combined. The USB connection as a convenient holder for when you're not using the microphone/stylus. In addition, it has a very nice coiled cord which makes it easier to move around without snagging the cable. The microphone is designed to work with speech recognition applications. The top button acts like a mute button by default. The amber light flashes when the microphone is muted. Buddy StylusMic is a mulitfunction USB Stylus and microphone combination for tablet PC and convertible laptop computers. The included Stylus supports Wacom Technology for tablet surfaces.

A photo of the Buddy StylusMic.


Microphone Element
Buddy StylusMic includes noise cancellation to provide a clear audio signal that can match the performance of most close talking headsets This yields recognition accuracy in the high nineties with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Microsoft Windows speech recognition engines.
Buttons and Lights
There are two push buttons, the top being a dual button. The light above the top switch flashes to indicate the microphone has been muted. The top half of the dual top button is a mute switch and toggles the mute state. The lower half of the top button is available for any Windows application that can access the button via HID. The lower button (towards stylus) supports Wacom technology. In non-Wacom situations, this button is available to Windows applications via HID.
Buddy StylusMic is a plug and play device, which uses standard Windows and Macintosh drivers. It works with Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows Vista. It has been tested to work well with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Microsoft Speech in Windows, and IBM ViaVoice.
USB Interface
Buddy StylusMic is USB 2 compliant with a 12 megabit transfer rate. It can be used in any USB 2 slot in your Windows or Macintosh computer. The governing body for the Universal Serial Bus protocol has officially certified the Buddy StylusMic to meet the USB standards.
Wacom Technology
Wacom has been making digitizers for more than a decade and their digitizers are used in majority of the tablet PC and convertibles sold in the market today. The stylus includes Wacom Penabled technology to work with tablet digitizers if your tablet and convertible computer is equipped with Wacom technology. This means that you can write or draw on the tablet PC surface like a normal pen on paper. This provides the user with a powerful device than can in many cases eliminate the need for a keyboard.
Its plug and play operation uses Windows and Macintosh drivers for seamless operation. The stylus operation and its built-in microphone will work with Windows drivers. Windows applications can access the button press and release using USB Human Interface Device interface. To test this functionality you can use the Game Controllers tool in Windows Control Panel.

Technical Information

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