Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker Array

A photo of the Voice Tracker array microphone.

Unlike first generation array microphones, which have a fixed pickup direction, the Acoustic Magic Voice TrackerTM Array Microphone automatically locates and electronically steers toward the person who is speaking.

Freedom of movement

For speech recognition applications, it is no longer necessary to sit rigidly in front of the microphone. The user is free to lean backwards, sideways, or even move around.

For teleconferencing applications, several speakers can take part since the Voice TrackerTM rapidly steers to the individual participants.

A photo of the Voice Tracker array microphone in use

Headset-like performance

The Voice TrackerTM improves signal-to-noise ratios in two ways. First, its digital signal processor creates a listening beam (like a searchlight) that focuses on the the person who is speaking and spatially filters noise from other directions. Second, its proprietary noise reduction algorithms filter out background noise and reverberations that are present in the acoustic environment.

Works at long range

The Voice TrackerTM contains the largest number of array elements available today, which, when combined with its two stage noise reduction algorithms, give it the longest effective range of any array microphone.

A diagram showing how the Voice Tracker automatically focuses on the active speaker.
Note how the Voice Tracker automatically shifts focus to the active speaker.

Easy to use

Our patented steering technology employs digital electronics and proprietary embedded algorithms. There are no moving parts, so the Voice TrackerTM is rugged, reliable, and easy to use. Simply plug it into your computer's sound card and a wall outlet. No software needs to be loaded, and there is no drain on your computer's processing capacity.

Suppresses interfering sounds

The Voice TrackerTM is also the only microphone to employ Location Dependent Squelch (LDSTM, Patent Pending) which de-sensitizes the microphone to sounds coming from pre-selected directions. Consequently, the array can reduce unwanted sounds coming from directions outside its field of view.

Features of the Voice Tracker

Cost: $249.00

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