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Photo of SAVI 740 headset in its cradle Photo of SAVI 740 phone headset lifter

Plantronics WO 740 SAVI Office Wireless Headset with HL 10 Handset Lifter

The Plantronics WO 740 Savi Office Over-the-head (Binaural) headset lets users connect to multiple communication applications and devices like desk phones, PC softphones, and PC audio, with just a single headset. It allows you to connect a softphone call on a PC with a desk phone call and then attend a Webinar, with a touch of a button. This headset comes with integrated PerSono Suite software for one-touch call answer/end with supported softphones.

The 81802-01 headset features noise-canceling microphone, wideband PC audio, and integrated DECT 6.0 technologies, to offer lifelike fidelity with every call and application and lets users roam up to 350 feet from their desk without compromising on clarity. The base unit accepts up to 4 headsets for on-the-fly conferencing.

WO350 Features:

Cost: $329.99 (includes optional handset lifter)

Plantronics Calisto: wireless input

Photo of the Calisto headset and wireless antenna

The Calisto Bluetooth Headset is easy to use and is certified by Nuance Communications for their Dragon speech input software.

This device broadcasts to its provided USB dongle on a blue tooth protocol, but is treated as a USB device by Dragon software.  That means simpler setup, calibration, and easier swapping between devices if desired.

Package Contents

Voyager Legend UC B235 (Standard) and B235-M (Microsoft)

Photo of the Voyager headset and wireless antennaPhoto of the Voyager headset and wireless antenna

Outstanding Audio Quality

Plantronics' leading-edge technology means precision tuned triple-mics with enhanced DSP for superior noise cancellation. PC Wideband delivers heightened speech clarity, providing the best possible audio quality, while advanced WindSmart technology provides three layers of wind protection. Integrated A2DP lets you listen to streaming media from your mobile phone or tablet.

Convenient Storage and Charging

The Voyager Legend UC includes two great charging/storage accessories. The portable charging case stores the headset and USB adapter and provides a visual battery status for both headset and charging case - delivering up to 14 hours of additional talk time. And when work takes you into the office, use the desktop stand that provides an elegant charging and storage solution.

Cost: $172.50

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