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The VoicePro computer solution provides a turnkey computer system designed to optimize speech recognition (SR) applications. The robust platform design is particularly suited for use by adaptive technology (AT) labs and power users. It provides broad flexibility and power design to support multiple AT technologies. The VoicePro voice activated computer bundles custom hardware, peripherals, software, installation and configuration, delivery and optional setup for certified results. NGT can also offer complete onsite training programs, prepaid tech support units, and extended warrantees. NGT, Inc. provides superior value and certified technology to bring you the best speech in/voice out solution possible with state-of-the-art technology.

Hardware and Software Specifications for The VoicePro Midtower
Component Manufacturer Comments
Processor Pentium IV 2.2 GHz 133 MHz Bus/512K Installed Cache
Memory 512 MB RAM DDR RAM
Storage IBM U100/7200/2m 40 GB Ultra DMA Hard Drive
Video NVidia 32 MB
Sound Card SoundBlaster Live! Value Full Duplex
Speaker System LabTec 1060 3D Surround Sound
Modem Lightning 56K V90
Network Dlink 530TX 10/100 Twisted Pair
CD ROM FuturePower 52X N/A
I/O Ports 2S/1P/4USB expandable
Floppy Mitsumi 3.5"1.44MB
Display FuturePower 17"Diag. .27 dpi
Case Multimedia Special MidTower
Keyboard Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard
Mouse Microsoft Intellimouse Scroll mouse
Addtional Storage NEC CD-RW 16x/10x /40x
Operating System Windows XP N/A
Software We always include the Norton Antivirus Utility Additional software may vary depending on system focus. For example, see our JawBone and Medical systems.
Scanner N/A N/A
Printer N/A N/A

All equipment will be pre-tested, including software (listed above), which will be installed and optimized.

Key Differences Between VoicePro Desktops and Other Systems

MSI P4 845

This motherboard configuration is chosen by us specifically for voice recognition applications. This motherboard supports DDR and PC133 RAM with a 133 MHz bus and 512K Synchronous L2 Pipeline Burst cache. (Rambus technology is available upon request. We are not currently committing our clients to Rambus.) The slot 1 configuration is specifically used to minimize internal noise and interference.

SoundBlaster Live! Value

Our internal tests and field experience have shown that this sound card provides excellent voice recognition support; with features kept to a minimum to avoid compatibility issues. It is a full duplex card and supports speech synthesis and other output technologies


We have included a convenient and increasingly common storage and transfer medium, the CD burner. This allows for the efficient transfer of voice files and other data intensive information. Up to 600 MB per CD.

Other Considerations

We choose specific components, and custom assemble and test our systems for optimum performance. We always evaluate new components, and complete extensive lab testing, prior to bringing them to the public. This allows us to stay on the cutting edge, and share appropriate recommendations based on individual and organizational objectives, without risking functionality or system stability.

Not only do we utilize a special case with multimedia connectivity located at the front, but we build our computer system with a removable hard drive tray. This allows us to provide additional backup support for our professional clients where our computer will be used for mission critical applications.

Warrantee Information for Your System

Prior to shipment/ delivery your computer system is pre-tested to assure you years of trouble free computing. All equipment has a one year manufacturers parts and labor warranty. This system has an optional three year OnSite ServiceNet warranty for hardware. Complete details available on request.

We always include the latest antivirus software at installation.

We don't build them fast. We don't build them cheap. We build them right.

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